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Untitled (face generator, visual synthesizer), software / pen plotter on paper, 2018

Computer generated digital sculptures, multiple software, 2020
[Growth, online]
[Fntro, online]
[Sculpt, online sculpting tool]
[Sculpting language & sculpting language compiler]

Kukka (computer generated flowers), plotter / acrylic on paper / software, 29cm x 42cm, 2021
[Software sourcecode]

Microchip, pen plotter on paper / software, 42cm x 59cm, 2019

Pure simulacrum, Composition, Untitled, photogram / software / hardware, 10cm x 13cm, 2019
[Digital object software]
[Shutter software]

Computer generated faces, pen plotter on paper / software, 2018
[Software sourcecode]

Positions, software / plotter / acrylic on paper, 29cm x 42cm, 2017
[Software sourcecode]
[Varmaranta cover art]

Untitled, software / plotter / acrylic on paper, 42cm x 59cm, 2018

2000, digital file, 2019

Boat game (a game where nothing happens), software, 2018

Montage (AI generated poems out of random GIF images from the internet, AI generated music) software, 2019
[Screen capture of the software]

A cow, computer generated video, 2019